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Quality Custom Cabinetry - Widely thought to be the best American cabinet makers for over 30 years. Family owned custom quality leader from Lancaster, PA. This is traditional, custom American frame construction at its best. Seeing is believing.
Edwin Loxley - While many English cabinet makers have risen briefly to international prominence and vanished, Smallbone, Christians, and Mark Wilkinson to name a few, Edwin Loxley has remained. Their impressive quality craftsmanship and unique and appealing designs have caught the attention of those who recognize a masterpiece!
Elmwood Custom Cabinetry - This is a relatively young Canadian company that offers excellent options for the more budget minded. They offer frame and frameless custom and semi custom programs at a quality level that is not available elsewhere at this price. They offer all the traditional classics on through to very contemporary styles and finishes.
Acorn Kitchens -This has been a trusted partner for nearly 20 years. They have earned a reputation --- as a high quality frameless cabinet maker. This year they were purchased by a new owner whose mission is to make Acorn the first completely GREEN cabinet maker in North America. We believe they are the only North American company that uses only non-solvent based stains and topcoats, the carcass materials have no added formaldehyde, and every single part of every component is recyclable. Their water born finishes are harder and more durable then the coatings used by all other North American cabinet makers as far as we know.
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